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Michael James Wong Weekend


  • Friday 18h - 20h: Just Breathe, Modern Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Saturday 10h - 12:30h: Asana Addict, Power Yoga Masterclass
  • Saturday 14:30h - 16:30h: POWER, PRESENCE, POISE, Yang to Yin Masterclass
  • Sunday 10h - 12:30h: Sattwa, The path from Dark to Light, A Hips & Heart Opening workshop & Masterclass
  • Sunday 14:30h - 16:30h: Breathe in, Bliss Out, Restorative Masterclass

23.02.2018 - 25.02.2018

Michael James Wong

Mitglieder: 35 Euro
(je 2 Std. Modul)
Nichtmitglieder: 45 Euro
(je 2 Std. Modul)

Mitglieder: 39 Euro
(je 2,5 Std. Modul)
Nichtmitglieder: 49 Euro
(je 2,5 Std. Modul)

Mitglieder: 159 Euro
(alle 5 Module)
Nichtmitglieder: 199 Euro
(alle 5 Module)

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Class Descriptions

Just Breathe, Modern Mindfulness & Meditation

Join Michael James Wong for a conversation in Modern Mindfulness & Meditation. Come as you are, and sit with us as we spend time in stillness together. An evening of quiet, calm and mindful conversation. It’s time to turn the volume down.

Asana Addict, Power Yoga workshop & Masterclass

The first step is admitting your addicted... But who isn’t? Join Michael James Wong for this fun filled workshop where we acknowledge, indulge and explore the physical side to the practice with advanced arm balances & progressive sequencing. But once on the journey, we'll go deeper and move past the postures and find our stillness. Remember the practice is more than just the movement Come ready to be challenged on many levels.

Power, Presence, Poise, Yang-to-Yin workshop & Masterclass

A strong & slow vinyasa masterclass that challenges you to find your focus on the mat. Join Michael James Wong for a slow flow that is a true meditation in motion. Go deep, be kind, and tap into the power within. All you’ll need is a powerful body, an open mind, & fearless heart. This is an open class for all level!

Sattwa, The path from Dark to Light, A Hips & Heart Opening workshop & Masterclass

A long, slow and deep practice to unlock & unblock the stale energy in the hips. Join us as we move deep into the practice and spend some time opening up. As humans we store a lot of tension & tightness in the hips, both physically, mentally and emotionally. And through this practice we’ll start to remove the dark, stagnant tamasic energy and bring them into the light through a connect to the heart.

Breathe In, Bliss Out, Restorative Masterclass

The exhale is everything. It's how we create space, it's how we let go.

Join Michael James Wong as we spend time with the breath & body in this gentle restorative & meditation flow. A beautifully slow practice that will focus on the bliss of the exhale while moving the body simply to find the sweetness of the release.

About MJW:

Michael James Wong is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Meditator, Global Yogi & Wellness Warrior who is recognised around the world as a leading voice in the global wellness movement for yoga, meditation & modern mindfulness. Michael's passion is to inspire the masses about the benefits of a mindful way of living on and off the yoga mat, every single day.

Born in New Zealand, raised on the beaches of Los Angeles and now London based, Michael travels the world as a key note speaker, yoga teacher & meditation guide bringing the benefits of modern mindfulness into the real world. Michael’s relationship with wellness spans over the past decade and half & his work is heavily influenced by some of the most inspiring modern teachers, spiritual leaders & global influencers around the world.

Michael is also the founder of,

BOYS OF YOGA, a global movement celebrated worldwide helping to bring more guys to the mat. “Some guys think youga makes you les of a man, the truth is it makes you a better one”

Just Breathe, London’s first Modern Mindfulness and meditation community. A place for community, connection & quiet

Sunday School Yoga, a global teachers community aimed at supporting and mentoring new and developing teachers around the world as they find their hands, feet and voice as teachers in the real world

In his most recent adventures, Michael has lead the masses at JUST BREATHE; London's first mass meditation community, travelled to Australia & New Zealand on the BOYS BLOCK PARTY 2017 Tour & shared his teaching at events throughout the world; Balance Festival (UK), Swiss Yoga Conference (Switzerland), Prana Festival (Sweden), Copenhagen Yoga Festival, Udaya Live (Bulgaria), Yogafest Amsterdam, GoodRoots London (UK), YogaGames (Sweden), Fare Healthy London (UK) and will continue on throughout 2018 & beyond teaching & traveling all across the world.

Most notably, Michael has been part of the Wanderlust family since 2015, teaching and presenting at festivals & events around the world. In 2017 Michael has headlined Wanderlust 108 London and Wanderlust, Croatia (in collaboration with Obonjan 2017) , headlined Australia & New Zealand Wanderlust 108 Tour (Sydney, Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane 2016), lead events in Los Angeles with Wanderlust Studios x BOYS OF YOGA & presented Wanderlust 108 NYC (2015) supporting Dharma Mittra & MC Yogi.

Michael will continue to share throughout 2018 as the head teacher for Wanderlust EMEA, and will participate in UK, European, Middle East & North American WL events.

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