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Michael James Wong Weekend

Michael James Wong is a man on a mission to break down barriers, smash stereotypes and bring the global wellness community together in a calmer & quieter conversation.

Founder and vision behind JUST BREATHE, BOYS OF YOGA & SUNDAY SCHOOL YOGA, Michael is leading these global projects focused on creating community, connection & quiet in the real world. A lifestyle advocate, community leader, international yoga teacher, meditation guide, acclaimed speaker and author of Sit Down, Be Quiet, Michael is recognised around the world as a leading voice in the global wellness movement for modern mindfulness.

A New Zealand born, Los Angeles raised native, now based in London, Michael’s passion is to inspire the masses about the benefits of a mindful way of living every single day. Michael’s relationship within the wellness community spans over the past 15 years & his work is heavily influenced by some of the most inspiring modern teachers, spiritual leaders & global influencers in today’s society.

In his most recent adventures, Michael has lead the masses at JUST BREATHE; London's mass meditation events at The British Museum, The Shard & more, and has taught throughout the world at conference, festivals & workshops; Balance Festival London, Swiss Yoga Conference, Prana Festival Sweden, Obonjan Festival, Yoga Games Sweden, Copenhagen Yoga Festival, Udaya Live, Yogafest Amsterdam, GoodRoots London, Happinez Festival, Fare Healthy London and many more.

Most notably, Michael has been part of the Wanderlust family as a key presenter and lead teacher (UK) since 2015, teaching speaking and presenting at countless festivals & events. In recent years Michael has headlined Wanderlust London 108, Berlin, Croatia, Australia & New Zealand Wanderlust 108, New York, Los Angeles and more.

Join Michael on the matt dives deep into the practice and helps to bring it to life in the real world.


Michael James Wong

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Date // Friday, August 23, 2019 | 18h - 20:30h

Balance Is a Moving Target // A Grounding Practice

The truth about balance is that you’re always arriving, never arrived. The beauty of balance is not about trying to find stillness, but to continue adjusting to the changes as they come, and finding the path of least resistance. Sometimes we must engage, other times we must release, both to the poses and the ego. Join Michael James Wong for an opportunity to explore your balance in all aspects of the practice, in the breath and body, in the mind and through the movement. This session will focus on building core and pelvic stability, A-symmetrical poses and stacked sequencing that will challenge your balance and cultivate the necessary tools for the balancing act of yoga and life.

This class will focus on grounding and stabilizing techniques necessary for balance and ease in standing poses.

This class is open to everyone; men, women, newbies and seasoned sun salutor’s

Date // Saturday AM, August 24, 2019 | 11:00h - 13:30

Flying Hanuman // An Inversions Practice

Join Michael James Wong for a leg’s focused inversion practice that will build strong foundations in the body to support going upside down. Far too often we’re fooled to believe to only focus on the upper body in inversions, when the truth is, our hips, hamstrings, core and legs are equally necessary to stabilize your flight. Inspired by the myth of Hanuman, we’ll explore how to lengthen and strengthen the legs to support our inversion practice. Come ready to leap, come ready to fly.

This class is open to everyone; men, women, newbies and seasoned sun salutor’s

Date // Saturday PM, August 24, 2019 | 15:30h - 18:00h

Mindless Vinyasa is Dead // Finding Stability in Your Lunges & Twists

The practice of yoga is not one to always let go, often we must hold on. Too often these days we mindlessly move through our practice without intention, or attention when what is needed is a practice that grounds us, connects us in our stability. Join Michael James Wong for focused workshop on the power, presence and poise necessary to move mindfully through a steady asana practice in your legs. This session will remind us of the focus needed to truly connect the breath to our bodies, and the body to the earth.

This class is open to everyone; men, women, newbies and seasoned sun salutor’s

Date // Sunday AM, August 25, 2019 | 10:00h - 12:30h

Sleepy Time // A Restorative Practice

It’s time to slow down, to invest in rest, and restore the body back to centre. Join Michael James Wong for a restorative practice that eases the body, calms the mind and dives deep into the dharma of the practice. In this class we’ll indulge in long, slow and deep postures that break down the tension of the body leaving you feeling rested, restored and ready whatever comes next.

This class is open to everyone; men, women, newbies and seasoned sun salutor’s

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