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Leslie Kaminoff Workshop

Ongoing Therapeutic Education

Leslie offers health-based workshops geared specifically to aspiring and experienced practitioners, teachers and movement professionals.

08.11.2019 - 10.11.2019

Leslie Kaminoff

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Yoga Anatomy of Body, Mind and Breath

Yoga can be described as integration of body, mind and breath. Leslie’s teacher, T.K.V. Desikachar, stated that without the breath there is no yoga. Join Leslie Kaminoff, co-author of Yoga Anatomy, for a three hour introduction to the basics of the anatomy, physiology and neurology of yoga practice. Lecture, audio-visual material, led practice and interactive inquiry; this can be taken as a standalone session or as part of the weekend workshop. All levels of experience (including beginners) are welcome.

Introduction to Healing Through Breath-Centered Yoga
Krishnamacharya’s and Desikachar’s therapeutic approach puts the central focus on two crucial elements: the breath, and the specific needs of the individual. In addition, promoting healing through yoga is based on the perspective that there’s always more going right for a person than has gone wrong. Working from these principles, Leslie will share what he has learned during the past four decades applying his teacher’s principles to working with groups and individuals.

Preventing and Healing Injuries Through Yoga
Injuries occur when we provoke too much movement from too few places. We will draw from the histories, injuries and concerns of workshop participants to identify and address the most common sources of stress in yoga practice. We will explore practical modifications to asana, the creative use of breath, language and imagery, and simple hands-on adjustments. This is Leslie’s opportunity to re-create the context in which he learned the one-on-one application of yoga from his teacher, T.K.V.Desikachar.

Re-imagining Alignment
This highly interactive workshop relies on students to bring questions about their own asana practice and teaching language. Leslie will promote an experimental, experiential atmosphere of inquiry regarding the teaching of alignment, safety and effective cueing of asana. Starting with clear, simple principles that govern musculoskeletal function, Leslie will help you put your asana on a solid foundation literally from the ground up (and from your head down). Topics include:

  • Functional principles of alignment
  • Breath-centered, anatomically-based cueing
  • The relationship of bandha to support and movement
  • Why instructions like “tuck your tail,” “lengthen your spine,” “square your hips” may be doing more harm than good, and what kind of language to use instead
  • The use of gazing (drishti) and imagery to foster increased neuromuscular integration

Case studies and clinical observation
This workshop – a perennial favorite for students around the world – provides an opportunity to observe Leslie doing focused one-on-one coaching with selected workshop participants. Through dialogue and exploration, and building on the previous days’ work, Leslie will help them address specific anatomical issues, build awareness of particular patterns of holding tension and provide support and encouragement, all while fielding questions and observations from other students. Keeping with the spirit of experiential learning, participants will also be encouraged to try teaching some of the demonstrated techniques to each other.


Leslie Kaminoff is a yoga educator inspired by the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar. He is recognized internationally as a specialist in the fields of yoga, breath anatomy and bodywork. For over four decades he has led workshops and developed specialized education for many leading yoga associations, schools and training programs in America and throughout the world. His approach to teaching combines intellectual rigor, spontaneity and humor, and is always evolving.

Leslie is the founder of The Breathing Project, a New York City based educational non-profit dedicated to advancing educational standards for yoga teachers and other movement professionals. His unique year-long course is available online at

He is the co-author, with Amy Matthews, of the best-selling book “Yoga Anatomy.”

You can follow him on Instagram (@leslie.kaminoff), Twitter (@lkaminoff), Facebook (LeslieKaminoffYogaAnatomy), or YouTube (YogaAnatomy) and learn more at

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