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Erica Jung Workshop

Erica Jung got her start teaching yoga after a life altering training in India. Known for her playful, challenging, intelligent, and innovative style, she encourages removing fear and obstacles through self-love and curiosity. Erica aims to inspire by showing everyone is capable in any amount. Erica is dedicated to maintaining tradition and integrity of the yogic practice while infusing light hearted humor and recognizing individual needs creating accessibility in experience and growth. Her teachings are strongly influenced by the traditions of Ashtanga and anatomy, and she continues to study extensively under Raghunath Cappo and Tiffany Cruikshank. In addition, Erica travels regularly to India continuing her spiritual practices honoring teachers past and present.

16.12.2016 - 17.12.2016

Erica Jung

Samstag und Sonntag:
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Her strengths lie in creating accessibility and understanding for each student regardless of skill levels and presenting it in a mash up of fun, insight and Ah-ha’s. With a background in nursing, healing work and Eastern techniques, a uniquely intuitive connection to each student and class creates an experience that is deeply personal as well as collectively strong.

As a 500hr E-RYT, Erica has taken her knowledge and love of the practice to multiple platforms having been features as a field expert and guest speaker on various shows with Montel Williams, Sadie Nardini, Jai Surgim, as well as in print in and for Mantra Health and Wellness, Origins Magazine, Lululemon, NJ Monthly, and more. Her wish is to educate and inspire through empowerment, self awareness and minimizing the perceived gaps that divide.

She feels honored and blessed to be able to share her passion and serve her community via her studio Trepta Yoga that was recently voted best in state. As a citizen of the world, Erica feeds her love of travel and adventure by teaching internationally and hosting regular retreats and trainings worldwide. She continues to expand her devotion of serving communities by heading the non-profit organization NJ Global Mala, New Jersey’s largest yoga event.

Visit her site for her full schedule, workshops and retreats.

Bend, Don’t Break: Freedom in Backbends

Samstag 16.Dez / 11h - 13h

For many backbends are a hated part of their practices because they ask so much and leave us so exposed. Youthfulness lies in a supple spine and backbends are essential element in tapping into that. Understand what releases tightness, how to work in progression, mobility within the spine, and how by becoming more vulnerable we actually find an infinite amount of strength and confidence. Expect to warm the body and settle into a myriad of commonly practiced backbends with some juicy transitions to spicy up your love for these heart openers.

Get High: Dynamic Flow with Plenty of Float

Samstag 16.Dez / 15h - 17h

Looking to break out of the ordinary and step outside of your comfort zone? Join international teacher Erica Jung for this inspired flow that will sidestep the typical and ask you to let go of what you think you know and discover all that you are. A mix of dynamic movement and challenging holds will keep you guessing and realizing how much more capable you truly are. There’s something for everyone with lots of chances to play with arm balances and inversions assisted by detailed breakdowns and a sweet playlist.

Myths, Mantras and Asana

Sonntag 17.Dez / 11h - 13h

Little is known of the poses that pepper our physical practice and the inspiration of the asana names during typical daily classes. Who was Vashista and the inspiration of Vashistasana and all of the pose variations? There is a potent and enchanting history behind the name of the poses and the stories that they hold. They are the key to unlocking the infinite power of a deepend yoga practice and getting into the richness of why yoga truly is a union of the mind, body, and spirit.

Come and explore, play, and grow with international teacher Erica Jung fresh off of her two month stay in India, wandering the holy grounds.

Expand on variations of Vashistasana, Gaurudasana, Hanumanasa, that will having you turning every way and equally playing on your hands AND feet seeing things in a whole new light.

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